Offer Climbing

During sports climbing in a climbing crag, technical challenge stands in the foreground. Here, you can go to your limits or even surpass yourself.

Via several pitches, a special climbing route leads us through walls and often to summits too. The entire route is central.

Chli Glatten, Hannibal, Ötztal, Sella, Teufelswand, Chli Bielenhorn, Ponte Brolla, Cevio, Lehn, Sobrio, Fähnligipfel, Hundstein, Rosengarten, Gross Bielenhorn, Kreuzberge, Rätikon, Zillertal, Göscheneralp, Lidernen, Bärglichopf, Claro, Simplon, Jegihorn, Bockmattli, Brenta …

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